Jan Hackett, Artist

The Fine Art Cafe

Specializing in Brusho, Alcohol Ink and Watercolors


The Fine Art Cafe specializes is creating beautiful art using Brusho Crystals and Alcohol Ink.  Brusho is color burst powders in little pots that really can’t be controlled but you can learn how to work with their uniqueness the same as alcohol ink and Jan Hackett has mastered both of these exciting mediums.

The Fine Art Café also offers The Fine Art Café Academy where you can learn and take your art to the next level.

Are you oking to master and create your own beautiful art utilizing these powdered watercolor inks?  The Fine Art Café Academy offers Brusho online classes and free demonstrations.  Grab your cup of coffee, tea or beverage of choice and make yourself comfortable as you are walk through an adventure of Brusho art lessons online.



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Feel free to contact me directly by email at thefineartcafe@gmail.com