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Theme Artwork: Mixed Media

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The Fine Art Café specializes in showcasing beautiful art by artists from around the world.   We welcome art enthusiasts and collectors looking for that special piece of art that touches your heart. Our goal is to offer a platform where art lovers can locate and buy beautiful art that fits their taste and budget.

Grab your cup of coffee, tea or beverage of choice and make yourself comfortable as you are taken on a journey exploring beautiful art or on a journey exploring tutorials creating your own amazing art.

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The Fine Art Café offers online art demonstrations and online art courses where you can learn and take your art to the next level.

If you looking to master and create your own beautiful art.  The Fine Art Café Academy offers online art courses and free demonstrations specializing in Brusho, Watercolor, and other mediums.  Create SmART Academy specializes in alcohol ink and mix media online courses.




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