The Fine Art Cafe Academy is so pleased to announce our new Contributor Sally Taylor and her new online offering Beautiful Brusho Florals. Sally and the Academy’s founder Jan Hackett met online and instantly became friends as they both share the same vision, that of helping others understand this beautiful, fun and exciting painting medium.

Within this course there are 3 artworks to paint with video’s step by step instructions along with one bonus painting.

The mixture within the lessons covers different techniques and different abilities. Brusho is a medium suitable for a complete novice as well as an experienced artist – these 3 lesson sets provide inspiration and ideas for everyone interested in painting with these little pots of magic!

All of the lessons have a materials list provided.

Three Sunflowers

This is an introductory series where the student is encouraged to not worry about accurate drawing. Painting with water, sprinkling Brusho, removing pigment for highlights and lastly, to emphasis the flowers through adding a black pen line

Painting Loose Florals

This class set is a little more complex and is provided with a photograph and a line drawing to help the student gain an understanding of how the painting can work.

Painting Poppies with Brusho

The final lesson set again uses free line-work where accuracy is not required. This lesson set is similar to the Three Sunflowers but uses more Brusho, bleach and extra sprinkling and water spraying.


This lesson is not a set of videos showing the different steps to create the painting but rather I have supplied a description of the paining.

These lessons are a fun way to explore the medium for anyone who wants to learn to paint a free floral way.

Dip into the The Fine Art Café Academy to immerse yourself with colour, pigments and fun!!

If you register for Beautiful Brusho Florals you will receive a free downloadable print of Sally’s gorgeous Brusho Sunflowers painting.