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Community Resources

If you love alcohol ink join the Alcohol Ink Community.  The Community is a place to learn more about alcohol ink and to network with other aIcohol ink artists.  The Alcohol Ink Art Community is fun place where you can learn, create, share and promote alcohol ink art!

If you want to take your knowledge of alcohol ink to the next level in addition to the Community, you will want to join the Alcohol Ink Art  Society.  The Society is similar to the Alcohol Ink Community but offers more indepth resources that are only available to it’s members!

The Alcohol Ink Art  Society offers on-site eCourses and demonstrations, access to live alcohol ink art demonstrations, Question and Answer sessions on our private Facebook group where Society members collaborate on art projects. Learn ways to build your brand, promote your art and sell online and off!

For Brusho Crystal Colour enthusiasts you will want to join the Brusho Fun group on Facebook to meet and share with other Brusho artists.  In addition to meeting other artists, it’s a place to share to learn, create, share and promote art created with Brusho Crystal Colours!

Great resources for Brusho Crystal Colours, art products and more.

The mission of the arts council is to provide the communities of ottawa county support in fostering a cooperative effort between artists and the public to promotes the creative arts in our region.

Artists club located in Port Clinton Ohio.  The Artisits Clud host the largest Arts in the Park the first weekend in August.

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