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Jan Hackett - Artist and Instructor

Customer feedback and questions about Brusho and Alcohol Ink are the lifeblood of our business. We love to help anyone using the mediums of Brusho and Alcohol Ink. If you have suggestions on demos or classes for Brusho or Alcohol Ink that you would like to see, please email with your suggestions. We are always interested in what you would like to learn if you haven’t used Brusho or Alcohol Ink.  If you currently use these mediums we like to hear how you create with them.

You can also see our Brusho demonstrations in The Fine Art Cafe’s Academy.  If you would like to receive updates on new videos and giveaways please registers by filling out our email contact form on our Home Page.  We can also be reached by visiting The Fine Art Cafe on Facebook

Coming soon we will be offering Brusho ecourse through The Fine Art Cafe’s Academy.  Our first ecourse will be a comprehensive exploration of Creating Magic with Brusho.  Be sure to sign up on our email form to receive updates!

We respond to all customer feedback and questions in one to two business days.

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