Jan is taking part in a Facebook group where we are testing a new substrate for alcohol ink. This paper is as slick as polished glass and so rewarding to work on. We are sure when the substrate will be ready for market, hopefully not to long. It will be a huge plus in the alcohol ink world, it is one of the few substrates that can be wiped back to the white of the paper. Here are a couple of the paintings that I have done on the new paper.
Meet “Andy”, he is was created with alcohol ink on a new substrate that is in beta testing.
“Andy” needs to be sealed and then is available.
“Michelle’s Trees” this was created on the backside of the new paper and done with Brusho.Just giving it a try to see how the new paper will work with Brusho. It’s pretty cool how Brusho did work on the backside. It sinks into the back the same way that Brusho does on the back of photo paper, but you can lift it back almost to the white of the paper with bleach. Pretty exciting to have a new paper like this. “Michelle’s Trees” has been sold.

Michelle's Trees

Brusho Michelle’s Trees – Sold