Brusho , Alcohol Ink and Watercolor Commissions available upon request.

Let Jan capture the essences of your loved one, whether it is your child, grandkids, or pet.  Jan loves to create custom portraits done in Alcohol InksBrusho or traditional watercolors.

Jan’s first true inspiration to create a meaningful and emotional portraits was when a friend lost her Doodle, it was a tragic loss for her.  Jan’s heart was breaking, and she wanted in some way to help ease that pain. That was Jan’s first pet portrait and she fell in love with capturing the essence of a beloved pet.  Our pets come into our lives and touch us in so many ways, and my pets have become a part of our family.  In a blink of an eye they have been giving us so much of themselves and then they are gone. If she can evoke an emotion of the love someone has for their beloved pet, her heart is full.  It is all about creating an emotion, a connection with the viewer.

Contact The Fine Art Cafe for more information on creating your keepsake by emailing Jan by using this email link.  You can find more of Jan’s fine art on The Fine Art Cafe Facebook page.

Below is a sampling of commission by Jan Hackett

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