Spring Fling Show and Sale Call for Artists

Benefits to Participating

  • Promote and sell your art to a live audience of prospective customers and fans
  • Exposure for your art brand.  The Fine Art Café will be promoting the event and will be encouraging the artists to do the same, extending the overall reach.
  • During the live pop-up event and through April 29th, your art will be available for sale with discounted commission in The Fine Art Café!  


How the Live Show & Sale Works

  • There will be two live sessions on the 29th   2:00pm EST & 7:30pm EST.
  • Sessions will be delivered by zoom on the Fine Art Café Facebook page and YouTube Channel, so artists will need to be able to connect with us by zoom.
  • Within the session, each artist will be allocated a 8-10 minute feature mini-session to present your art.   One of the moderators (Laurie, Jan or Vera) will be on-screen with you to ask questions, so it’s a laid-back conversation session. Artists are not required to speak the entire time about their art (unless they want to).
  • Each participating artist will supply one door prize for the giveaway.
  • At the beginning of your session, you will present your door prize to the viewers, and they will be asked to enter a special “word” in the comments in order to enter to win that prize. Shortly after the session, we announce all door prize winners for that session. You will reach out to the winner to learn where to send the prize. If you require awarding your prize to winners in your country only, please let us know, so we can announce that during your presentation.


Requirements to participate

  • A maximum of 20 artists will be accepted. 
  • To be considered, you will need to request a manual review. It’s easy. Complete this 2 minute form on the website.  If accepted, you will receive an email with instructions for moving forward.  Consideration will be based on the sample items submitted for review.
  • When accepted, you will need (if you haven’t already done so) to create an artist store at TheFineArtCafe.com.  Live training for setting up a store will be provided soon after “call for artists” is launched. 
  • If accepted, you will need to agree to offer one door prize. This can be any piece of art, original, reproductions or art lesson.  You will be required to ship to the lucky winner which will be announced live during your session.


Once accepted, in order to participate in the show and sale…

  1. Set up your shop at The Fine Art Café, if you haven’t already.   All participants are required to set up a shop with the items you would like to promote and sell.  
  2. Your shop must have at least five products and include a profile image.
  3. You can also provide a bio and links to your website and social media accounts.   This will serve as your artist profile for the Show and Sale.
  4. Your shop needs to be started with at least 5 products by April 20th, if not your shop will be disabled.  It can be reactivated when you are ready to set it up with product. You will need to notify Laurie, Vera or Jan to have your shop reactivated.
  5. Participating artists will be asked to promote the event to their following on social media, website and email to help us spread the word about the event. Promotional materials will be provided as a guide, such as graphics, video, links and language.  These can be customized with your own branding as long as the sponsor logos (The Fine Art Cafe) remain intact.
  6. Agree to commission fee. 25% to cover costs will be deducted from sales. Most galleries charge 30-50%. The Fine Art Cafe standard commission is 30%, but we are adjusting that to 25% until May 5th in support of this event. After that date, the percentage will return to 30%. Artists will have the opportunity to remove or disable their shop at that point if they choose (although we hope you stay)!
  7. You will be asked to agree that you will ship any orders received within five days of any orders.  We understand that some items may need customization, but still need to be fulfilled in a timely manner.

Please use the form below to request a spot in our Spring Fling Show & Sale!

Spring Fling Show and Sale

  • Artist Information

  • In order to participate, you will need to agree to the requirements outlined on this page.
  • If selected, you will need to set up your store by April 15th with the items you plan to sell. You can also add any additional items you would like to include in the Spring Fling Show and Sale up until the event.

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